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Van Den Eynde Vanille 250g-Groundbait-Van Den Eynde-Irish Bait & Tackle

Van Den Eynde Vanille 250g

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Van Den Eynde All Round Additive Vanilla 250g - Powder Additive

Powder additives are the most commonly used additives to baits. They are available in all kinds and types. At Van den Eynde we also have a wide range of powder additives that can all be used in a comparable way. Our fixed rule is that the contents of a bag are more than enough for 4 to 5 kilos of dry bait, but as mentioned, this is only an indication. The best way to use powder additives is to either dissolve the additives in the water with which you moisten the bait or to simply mix the dry additives with the dry bait before wetting it.