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Van Den Eynde Method Mix-Groundbait-Van Den Eynde-Red-Irish Bait & Tackle

Van Den Eynde Method Mix

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Method fishing is a discipline of the sport whereby the prepared bait is pushed into a specifically designed mould which encloses the hook. In other words, method fishing is in fact fishing with hook bait and simply said, works as follows: the method hook bait slowly disintegrates, fish that are swimming in the area will detect these loose particles and aromas and will bite.  

Our method feed can also be used in other disciplines of the sport.

  • Ready made bait
  • Lush bait
  • All-round bait for big fish (carp, bream, tench)
  • Binding bait
  • Slowly disintegrating which will make the fish go for the ball and so get hooked.
  • Mould needs to be very consistent.