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Tubertini Thesys 4000 Reel-Spinning Reel-Tubertini-Irish Bait & Tackle

Tubertini Thesys 4000 Reel

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Tubertini Thesys FD

- Available in several variants!
- All-round reel
- Number of ball bearings: 5+1
- Gear ratio: 5,1:1
- Max drag: 6kg
- Front drag
- Suitable for different fishing techniques
- Aluminium spool
- Good value for money!


The Thesys FD reel from Tubertini is a great all-round reel with a very good value for money. This reel can be used for different techniques such as spin fishing and feeder fishing. The reel is characterized by its 6 ball bearings and aluminium spool.


Tubertini Thesys FD 4000

- Model: 4000
- Spool capacity: 0.28mm/250m
- Weight: 305g