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Special G - Dark-Groundbait-Bait Tech-Irish Bait & Tackle

Special G - Dark

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>Special ‘G’ Dark *NEW*

The Special ‘G’ range of groundbaits has been successful for a number of years and has been many anglers first choice when it comes to selecting a premium fishmeal groundbait. Special ‘G’ Green and Gold are as effective as ever but we felt there was something missing – so we have launched Special ‘G’ Dark.

Containing the same GPS90 super soluble fishmeal that has made the original products legendary all times of the year and all water clarities are now covered. Special ‘G’ Dark gains its colour from a natural pigment that means this ground bait holds its colour and doesn’t wash out as some coloured mixes produced with dye often do – absolute premium quality.

Available in 1kg bags.

  • High in attraction
  • High quality ingredients
  • Completes the Special ‘G’ Range
  • Easy-to-Mix
  • Perfect for Clear waters