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Sonubaits Super Feeder - Sweet Fishmeal 2kg-Groundbait-Sonubait-Irish Bait & Tackle

Sonubaits Super Feeder - Sweet Fishmeal 2kg

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Sweet Fishmeal mixes have become synonymous with bream fishing over the years and with a continued surge in feeder fishing popularity we felt a designated Sweet Fishmeal mix was missing from our Super Feeder (2kg) range. Developed alongside England feeder international Lee Kerry, Super Feeder Sweet Fishmeal is a dark mix with a medium level fishmeal content and sweet ‘Brasem’ smell & flavour. Designed with venues such as Staunton Harold, Ferry Meadows and Southfield Reservoir in mind where the use of cage, window and Method feeders are dominant with skimmers, bream and other quality fish the target.