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Quantum Drive Reel-Spinning Reel-Quantum-Irish Bait & Tackle

Quantum Drive Reel

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  • WIDE THROWS: With the aluminum long stroke coil, long throws are no problem
  • LINE LAYING: Due to the S-curve bobbin stroke system, the line is always clean
  • BRAKE: Very finely adjustable front brake
  • LINE GUARD: Thick line catch bracket for optimal balance

A dream of a high-performance spinning reel series with the lowest manufacturing tolerances for optimum smoothness and a long service life. This type of reel is mainly fished with the thinnest diameters of braided lines, e.g. in drop-shot fishing, rubber fishing or twitching. Therefore, also available in the small sizes #5 and #10, in addition to the usual medium sizes. The Drive uses the Reel Engine concept exclusively developed by Quantum, as with the popular Quantum Throttle.