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Korum Feeder Line-Feeder line-Korum-Irish Bait & Tackle

Korum Feeder Line

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Korum Feeder Line is our first ever reel line designed specifically, for modern feeder fishing techniques. It’s super-fast sinking as it has a specific gravity rate much denser than water, unlike many other lines. It’s superior knot strength, round profile and smooth olive green finish make it absolutely perfect for the rigours of modern feeder fishing. Supplied on 250m Spools. Available in four breaking strains - 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12lb.


  • Specific gravity much denser than water
  • No glare olive green finish
  • Smooth round profile
  • Superior knot and linear strength
  • REFLO® technology

6lb / 0.23mm

8lb / 0.26mm

10lb / 0.28mm

12lb / 0.30mm