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Browning Suntop Jacket-Coats & Jackets-Browning-Irish Bait & Tackle

Browning Suntop Jacket

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  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester
  • ‎UFP50+ PROTECTION: Stay in the sun 50 times longer without getting sunburned‎
  • ‎COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: The arms, ears, neck and neck area as well as the head are also protected‎
  • ‎COMFORTABLE: elastic and breathable material‎

‎ When the sun is shining, the passionate angler is habitually drawn out to the water. In order to pursue his favorite hobby without fear of sunburn, the skin needs good UV protection. Creaming is good, but UV protective clothing protects even better against the intense sunlight. The Browning Suntop is made of a flexible and breathable fabric that guarantees maximum comfort. Equipped with long sleeves and a hood, it protects particularly exposed areas such as arms, ears, neck and neck – thanks to UPF 50+ technology.‎